The Freefoam Guarantee

Guarantees on all colour products are backed by Freefoam's Innovative Colourmax technology which provides ground breaking colourfastness, colour variety and colour matching.

The manufacturer offers:

  • 50 year extended guarantee on white rainwater and roofline products
  • 10 year guarantee on woodgrain products
  • 10 year guarantee on coloured roofline and rainwater products

We offer:

  • 2 year maintenance guarantee on all fascia, soffit and guttering jobs to cover leaks etc. but excluding adverse weather conditions (e.g. heavy snow / gale force winds)
  • After 2 years a £40 call-out fee applies, if no materials are required to fix
  • Within 2 years if the guttering is blocked, the call-out fee will apply



  • coloured rainwater goods guaranteed for 5 years


Bathrooms and Sanitary Ware

The manufacturer offers:

  • All sanitary ware is covered under manufacturers warranty of 1 year.
  • Electric and thermostatic showers are covered by the manufacturers guarantee. If an engineer is required, this must be arranged by the home owner to maintain the guarantee.
  • Bathroom wall panels come with a manufacturers colour fast warranty of 5 years.

We offer:

  • 1 year maintenance guarantee on all bathrooms, after this a £40 call-out fee will apply.
  • 1 year guarantee on all silicone seals, after this a £40 call-out fee will apply.

N.B. a certain amount of care and maintenance is required when looking after your new bathroom like cleaning and drying surfaces after use and ventilation is paramount.



Please note - Although we are happy to install fixtures, fittings, sanitary ware or any other materials provided by the customer, we can not provide any guarantee or warranty on any products or equipment not supplied by ourselves.