Dry Verge Protection System

 Our range of dry verge and ridge products can be fitted quickly and easily to provide superb weather proofing for tiled and slate roofs.

Dry roofing is the method of securing areas of the roof using mechanical means rather than mortar. It is a method predominantly used for many years in Scotland and is becoming increasingly popular in the rest of the United Kingdom, partly due to the higher incidence of storms. Dry roofing has many benefits over the use of mortar. These include:

  • Fixing is secure and provides better resistance to wind uplift and water penetration
  • No maintenance is required, providing a highly cost-effective solution
  • The mess and inconvenience of mixing, carrying and using mortar is eliminated
  • Dry roofing can be used securely where there is a risk of differential movement, without the loss of strength associated with mortar cracking
  • Installation is quick and easy
  • No special skills or tools are required
  • It can be completed in all weathers, including rain and frost, so you can continue to work uninterrupted.